Saturday, 13 November 2010

{ Incommunicado }

It's the end of the first semester at college and its been fairly hectic. This is the final mock-up of my first project 'Incommunicado'. The project was very open and it gave us the opportunity to experiment with any mediums or produce any outcome as long as it tied back to the theme incommunicado. I decided to create a children's book with an adult theme. I created the book using vector graphics and textures, so it looked like its made of felt or scraps of paper.

I toyed with the idea of having images of people who have lost their major senses, such as sight or hearing. But I went down the line of a lack of communication between different races or ages. I came up with the problem of having to depict racial stereotypes, which I didn't think was appropriate. So I landed on animals, because of their lack of racial concern. I concentrate on pairs of animals that had a natural conflict between each other.

Each story tells the tale of a certain animal roaming into the territory of its natural enemy then being confronted by their enemy. To add to the lack of communication I made the defending character speak a different language.

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