Thursday, 11 October 2012

{ Lenses & Butt Cracks }

In the summer when I was working at The Fleet Collective I was asked to help Lyall Bruce create imagery for a flash game for iD Gum. The game involved dropping coins down a plumbers but crack to score points, the game was called HIND QUARTERS. I was tasked with supplying photographs for Lyall to photo merge into the final images. 

Well the game has been released and is part of a collection that can be played of Facebook, bought on the App Store and Google play. Here are some stills from the game.

The other day I put a load of stuff on New Zealands version of Ebay, Trade Me, and opened myself to online auctions once again. So I ended up buying a new lens, which really, considering, was my wallet coming off lightly. This wee beast is going to get a healthy beating soon. Buying a new lens also opens up the door to the possibility of buying ANOTHER new lens, to which I have a newly formed list of possibilities.

A new camera bag would be nice too.


  1. I agree with Declan. I love my 50mm, cant wait to see what the photos come out like from someone that can actually use it (i'm pretty rubbish with it!)