Monday, 7 January 2013

{ Neglect and Ambitions }

Neglecting isn't how I would describe how I have treaded this blog as of late. For this I apologise. I have been busy with the toils of hunting for work and a permanent job in the field that I studied and of course Christmas. But I haven't forgotten about this blog and definitely haven't forgotten about creating content for it. I have been traveling around the area in New Zealand that I live and have a body of photographs, some of which I have posted on my tumblr, and I will post them on here over the next month. 

I have also been updating my portfolio and whilst emptying out some of my old work I decided to try and redo a few of my previous projects. A few years ago, whilst I was at college, I created posters for British Tv shows. I have always loved film poster revamps but never really given them a proper go. So I decided to have a crack. Over a period of time, not decided yet, Il try and produce a number, not decided yet, of film/music/Tv posters.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas period

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