Monday, 29 August 2011

{ New Year }

Well it has arrived, my final year in Dundee College. I started BA Design and Creativity, specialising in illustration, today and I am so excited to begin. The semester has been broken up into a totally different timetable than I'm used to but hopefully I will get the hang of it. And nine till five/six, five days a week. Its almost like we have real jobs. Which is a sobering thought.

One thing that I am worried about is the new campus we have been moved to. The main problem is that its is too clean and they want it to stay that way. I kind of want to make a big mess and say "Thats my corner. Il tidy it at the end of the year", but I'm not sure how that will go down.

All in all I am so excited about this year and the amount I will learn about my area of design and how I fit within its parameters. Im also really keen to learn more about getting myself off the ground when I leave at the end of the year. And of course the practical work il be doing along the way.

Il keep you posted on the progress I'm making though out the year.

New Gardyne Campus by Gavin Craigie

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