Sunday, 13 November 2011

{ Lino Printing Machine }

It has been a while since I last delved into print making and I felt like I needed to ease myself back into it. I decided to do a few prints to get myself back on track with the whole experience. 

I forgot to mention that about a year and a half ago I bought myself a relief press. It's an absolute beauty and I can't wait to use it for this project. I got it made at a local blacksmiths around this design. It's roughly between A3 and A2 so its pretty big. It's currently at my friends flat after a night of printing but il post about it and might do a tutorial.

Any way I didn't have the press so I had to use the back on my hand but I think they turned out well. I was concentrating on the short story in the project The Company Of Wolves, which is mostly set in a wood, I was going to do a tree. So I did...

It was a two colour lino using one piece of lino which I had never done before. But now iv got my head around it I'm going to be experimenting a lot more with this kind of technique.