Wednesday, 2 November 2011

{ Shameless Promotion }

Now that i have a minute to myself I feel that respect is needed where it is due. My girlfriend finished her degree in illustration last year and has been working on a few projects since. One that she has finished recently was her portfolio website. She has also just finished a new book that she will be putting images up in the next few days. 

Please click on the image for her website and here for her blog


  1. I have one of her business cards! I thought her stuff was the best stuff at the degree show.

    totally wanted a Dino drawing

  2. These are lovely Jamie! And it'll do you no harm in scoring extra brownie points off of Claire.

    My favourite from her site's the operetta poster.

  3. Thank you for the shameless promotion Jamie, and thank you Jamie-fans for the lovely comments :)