Thursday, 8 December 2011

{ Setting }

The last week has been an absolute nightmare. Last weekend it came to my attention that time leading up to the christmas holidays was running out extremely fast and I had a hell of a lot of work to do. I had set myself the task of getting three illustrations completed, using print techniques, then screen printed by the holidays. This, last weekend, seemed like an impossible task. So I set out a plan. To have all of the illustrations completed by this sunday then that left me with eight days to screen print them. three illustrations in a week isn't really a big deal but i hadn't thought them through entirely and because i was using printing techniques I had to spend a lot of time carving into lino. Its thursday night and I have finished all the elements for the first illustration, just need to stick it together in Photoshop, and fine tuning the sketches of the second. I am planning on doing it out of two pieces of lino at the most because the first one was done in about eight and it took way too long. if i finish the designs tonight and begin carving and printing tomorrow then i should be well on my way to achieving the Sunday deadline. And then the screen printing can begin.

I thought I would show you a few photos of my work space in my new room. My girlfriend and I moved in together just after the summer and we have just moved into the larger room in the flat. Just out of picture are the mass amount of consoles and games we have. She is somewhat of a retro game collector.

The desk

iM dusty screen

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  1. nice mac, could be bigger tho.

    thanks for showing me where you keep it in your house.