Sunday, 11 March 2012

{ Inspiration In Narrative Five }

Two very different videos this week. Maybe by now this will be all over the place but I just think it is amazing

Three Little Pigs - The Guardian

This is just something else. A new advert for the Guardian newspapers "Open Journalism", a new media campaign. In this case it they are showing off their social media integration.

"Open is our operating system, a way of doing things that is based on a belief in the open exchange of information, ideas and opinions and its power to bring about change" - Alan Rusbridger

Towers - Bon Iver

One of my favourite songs from the album now has a beautiful video. Towers, directed by NABIL, is a journey of an old sailor who dreams of towers.

"Some of the angles he’s shot, especially the parts in the water, are exquisite" - Bobby Solomon

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