Thursday, 8 March 2012

{ The Slow Process }

The slow process of development is where I am currently dragging my heels. I have designed the basic building blocks of my physics based spreads and have produced some rough digital mock ups of them. At first I quite liked them but after a few conversations and nearly a week to stew over them I feel like they have gone sour and that I must press on quickly in a more productive direction. 

This mock up shows where I am struggling at the moment. At first my project was meant to engage with the children reading it and inspire them to want to learn more. But the lack of characterisation and narrative in my roughs has taken me back to the drawing board for a serious re think. 

I have now started to re build the project. Still keeping the building blocks of these roughs, it would be a waste to start again with them, but just take them in a new direction. This song and really Laura Marling in general has kept the spirits high through this blip. I hope I get back on the right track again.

This is also the my 50th post. Cheers everyone for the support

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  1. I see your 'Sophia'.

    I also raise you...a 'Sophia'.

    I like how cordial and formal you sound when you're describing that you basically need to start all over again, sounds very new agey-like.