Monday, 20 August 2012

{ EN ZED }

Well, it's been nearly a month since I arrived in New Zealand and a lot of things have happened as well as not an awful lot. As I said before I will be teaching lino and wood cut prints in October but until then I had to find work and I got a job as a head chef in a local pub. The work is really tiring and only temporary but as I am living at home the money I earn should last a while.

In the first few weeks of being here I went to the local public gardens for a walk and took a few snaps of the local wildlife.

This week I decided that I needed to work on a new image for myself and set about rebranding myself as some slick git designer. I wanted to use hand drawn typography, which I have always had a fondness for, and came out with this.

Life over here is definitely different and I think it will take a while to adjust. I hope everyone back in Scotland is well and I miss you all dearly.

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  1. Pretty photos. take one of a Kiwi next time. also like the new logo!