Tuesday, 2 October 2012

{ Radio Silence }

It must be a month since I last posted on here and I feel like Iv been working quite a lot since. I have fully organised my portfolio and applied the images to a slick looking template, to impress hot shot employers.

I also thought that it was about time I started thinking about my science book, I know that i havent uploaded many images from the first draft but i think that it is too far in gone now and Iv moved onto bigger and better things. I threw down the idea bellow and just ran with it and im really happy with the outcome. Over the months im going to be working on illustrations like this one to get an idea of where i want to take this book.

All this productivity being said I still need to prepare for my printmaking classes in 3 weeks time. My "profile" has been added to the WSA website so please go and have a look.