Wednesday, 21 December 2011

{ I Have A Sink-ing Feeling }

See what I did there. It is the Christmas break at college and its time to finish up all the project loose ends for the hand and presentations on the 9th of January. The last few weeks have been a total nightmare for me but I have finished screen printing the second project. The prints didn't work out all that well as stand alone piece of work but I'm going to amalgamate the screen printed illustrations with their digital versions so I get the clarity of the digitally manipulated illustrations with the feel of the screen printed ones. I am really very pleased with them and I can't wait too see them in context and send them off to the competition.

For now though its Illustration Friday time. 

This week the word is Sink. I did this illustration in the summer as a part of a collection of woeful outcomes to an illustrator/designers life. I hope you enjoy


  1. nice.... that house could be our future!

  2. I love the panels of wood the most.

  3. Hi Jamie! Thanks for the comment with the link to the book, I think i will have to invest in that book! :)

    I love this illustration for yours {in fact i love all of your illustrations :) get your Etsy shop up and running!} It is certainly a woeful outcome, i hope i don't end up squatting hehe

    Stacie xo
    Curious Damsel

  4. Thanks very much Stacie. I will hopefully be setting up my Etsy shop in the summer after my degree. Hopefully I will fix my press and get some prints up there around then.

    Jamie x