Tuesday, 24 January 2012

{ The Final Semester }

The beginning of a new project is always daunting. Luckily I have a great idea that will really stand out against the other work iv produced this year. Im not going to go into the idea in detail until it has been finalised but it mainly a way to get children interested in physics. Iv always been really excited by physics and I don't feel that it is promoted well by schools. The idea came from the book A Graphic Cosmogony, that I picked up over the holidays. It is a collection of illustrator's mental takes on the creation of the universe. It is really worth a read.

Nobrow: A Graphic Cosmogony 

I found this cover of Foster the People's song Pumped Up Kicks by Miracles of Modern Science the other day and it is amazing. Just thought id spread it about. 



  1. That book looks insane.
    Good luck with the project, your idea sounds pretty cool

  2. Yeah man it is the kind of thing you would love.
    Cheers man, I hope everything is going well over there

  3. Cool cool, looking forward to see the results man.
    Ah, well, things are not too great but not too bad either over here. Kind of on the edge of mediocrity.
    Been applying for internships and stuff lately, but the decision making process on the part of the agencies kinda takes eons and eons, to say the least. Shits been drivin me crazy.

    Anyhow, have you seen that comic "Forming" on Nobrow?
    It's by Jesse Moyniham, and it's also available for free on his website. I started reading it yesterday and it completely blew my mind. Words really fail to convey this mindfuck of an experience. Def worth reading.