Sunday, 22 January 2012

{ Relief And Printers }

The last few weeks have been bliss. I finished my essay, titled the Survival of Traditional Illustration in a Digital World, and submitted all of my course work. Im fairly satisfied with my grade and understand how I can improve on it for my final project. 

My Semester One Work

On another note I have finally busted out our A3+ printer. We got it off a Gumtree type site just after the summer for 30 quid. It has a few things that need to be sorted out with it, like it messes up the magenta colour sometimes. I'm sure its nothing fatal. But this will be perfect for my plans for the final project and the degree show.

Our Beautiful Printer

I noticed that over the last few weeks I had gained a few more followers. Id just like to say thanks and let you all know that once semester two begins I shall be posting on here a few times a week on my progress and inspiration. 

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  1. Very nice printer! I'd like to shell out for one of them myself someday, I think they'd be worth it.