Saturday, 25 February 2012

{ The Coolest Kid In Class }

Throughout my comic strips there will be a narrator, someone who asks the initial question and then sums up what we have learned at the end. I spent some time trying to build up a picture as to which demographic this narrator should come under. They must have the curiosity of a class geek to the social acceptance of a "cool kid". I was tossing around ideas of a kid who dressed up as scientist, lab coat and massive glasses. This however would leave people isolated, on both sides of the fence. The curious science enthusiast would feel alienated from the rest of the class, maybe even picked on, and the uninterested would feel even less involved with the subject because of its "uncool" stamp.

In the end I have decided my narrators are going to be a boy and a girl from no particular demographic, completely ordinary. This might isolate the ordinary kids but they are all the same anyway, so get over it.

Hello Honey I Shrunk The Kids

I was looking through some old photos from last year and I found this beauty, couldn't believe I hadn't put this up sooner. It's a shot of Balgay park in the early autumn and zero editing, straight from the camera. It is maybe one of my favourite photos.

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  1. love the photo! I like photos which have no editing...a sign of a good photographer