Sunday, 19 February 2012

{ Inspiration In Narrative Two }

Week Two in my Inspiration In Narrative series and I have a few gems for you. Firstly...

A Year Of Sun

A Year Of Sun is a beautiful animation by Yuki-7 for the eyewear company Persol.

"The colour, light and sound of this pot is perfect and idyllic, making the brand seem like the perfect sunglasses for an extraordinary life" - The Fox Is Black

Kiss - A Love Story

Kiss is a short film by Racecar.

"In our first independent short film we explore the consequence of something as innocent as a kiss. A love story between the sun and the moon. We believe that every solar eclipse is the moons attempt to reach the sun..." - Racecar

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  1. Did you know 'Racecar' spelt backwards is 'Racecar'?