Thursday, 16 February 2012

{ Adobe & The Fleet Collective }

Things are starting to become real. With only three months left of education the realisation that real life will begin soon is becoming more and more intense. This, over the past few weeks, has sprung me into action. I have just got my grubby mitts on a legitimate copy of the Adobe Design Premium Suite from Software4students for a very reasonable price of £290, which I thought was excellent. 

I have also landed myself a summer placement at a local studio/artist collective, The Fleet Collective. It will be a great opportunity for me to start my own business and do some work for the collective. I am currently working on a piece for their website which is very exciting.


  1. you must feel like a boss holding the real adobe suite in your hands. also, i can't help but read that "fleef collective"

    1. 'fleef collective'....sam thats in my head now and there it shall stick!

  2. I would if they would send me the serial code