Sunday, 12 February 2012

{ Inspiration In Narrative }

I find my inspiration in narrative. I have a great love for story telling and I find a lot of that within animation and film. I will be featuring two animations that have inspired me in a weekly post. They will always be posted on Sunday so keep an eye out for them.

Live The Language - Los Angeles

This animation is part of a series of commercials for EF International Language Centres that promotes learning abroad. 

"When you study abroad with EF, you meet people from all over the world. Explore the destination together and practice the language wherever you go" - EF International Language Centers

Address Is Approximate

This animation by London based company Theory Films brings to life a small desk toy who ambition to travel and see the world becomes reality through Google Street View.

"It’s a charming piece of filmmaking which tells the story of a lonely desk toy who longs to escape his surroundings and head on a cross-country road trip to the Pacific." - The Fox Is Black

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