Wednesday, 8 February 2012

{ Macaroni Cheese }

Financially my college life has only been possible through part time jobs. Since starting illustration I have really only worked as a chef, excluding this year where I have no job. This has left me with the desire to cook, I love it. Every so often I have "dinner parties", they are usually just an excuse to get together and eat lots of food and drink lots of alcohol. The theme of these "dinner parties" is Mac & Cheese. Im not blowing my own trumpet but I make pretty good mac and cheese. My friend Mark Delaney filmed the most recent night and made a short film of the event. Enjoy.


  1. I really like your red tiles.

    And I can't believe you've got that Carla Bruni song playing in the background!

  2. you're making a mess of my kitchen things :(