Monday, 6 February 2012

{ Sketchbook Snapshot }

Well its a few weeks into my final degree project and I'm loving it. I am so fascinated by the subject I love looking back through all the old BBC Bitesize research books. Sadly my lecturer is a bit of a Physics-aphobe and cringes every time he has a look through my sketchbook. I might need to do a survey of popular opinion but it seems, as I predicted, that Physics is indeed very uncool. This however is brilliant for my project as it builds of the uncoolness of the subject and tried to make it interesting.

"The Nerd"

On another note my girlfriend is obsessed with Nintendo. I mean crazy about it. So she has just started up a all things nintendo blog/tumblr of her finds, buys and creations. Its so cool and she has got a massive collection of stuff, I know I live with it, that she will be writing about. The link is Nintendwhore. Please check it out. 

I will be posting about my weekend and my project so far later in the week

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